Bible Study

Bible Study


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  1. Raafat Said

    Since it started some three years ago, the Bible Study on Thursdays has been an important weekly event for my wife and I. We benefited a lot and learned a lot about the Holy Bible. The knowledge of Fr. Benjamin, the way we set around table in a family atmosphere, the valuable contribution of the attendees whether it is personal meditation on a given verse, comment, or question, all this enriches the meeting and get us closer to God and closer to each others. No matter how little or how big your knowledge of the scripture is, you will always benefit from the others, and the others will benefit from you. Fr. Benjamin makes every effort to get everyone involved (without pushing, you still can chose to set quite and listen if you chose to). My wife and I strongly encourage everyone to come and join the family of the Bible Study on Thursdays. Try it twice and you will never regret.
    Raafat Said

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